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At Moore-Wright Legal, PLLC, we understand the legal matters surrounding and affecting you and your loved ones are a few of the most emotionally charged, difficult situations you'll ever find yourself confronting. Feeling worried about what will happen to the ones that you love and the possessions you have worked so hard to earn is a scary place to be in. We understand your fears and work respectfully to secure your well-being by treating you with the dignity you deserve.

Contact us for legal counsel in the Detroit, Michigan, area. We'll take the opportunity to get to understand the unique details of your family and situation and customize a solution that is the right match for you.

Effective Family Mediation

Mediation is a mandatory step in the majority of family law cases and may be a dissatisfactory procedure if you aren't working with a mediator who knows this area of the law, Harper Woods, Michigan regulations, rulings, and similar situation trials.

Our mediators are a few of the very best, most highly recommend professionals in Harper Woods, Michigan. The depth of our expertise in arbitrating disputes involving family members, and our unique ability to generate agreeable terms out of court, is what sets us apart from the rest.

Among the Most Recommended Divorce Lawyers for a Reason

No matter how aggressive your former spouse's defense could be, we behave as an unyielding shield for your best interests and goals. We will advise you on the options available to you, under all probable scenarios, so you understand what to anticipate during every stage of your legal separation procedure.

Availability is critical to success in a divorce process. We make ourselves available for telephone calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week so you get the sound legal solutions and information you need, as you require it.

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Top Child Custody Lawyer on Your Side

As child custody attorneys, we understand the level of distress you're under when you are fighting your former spouse for your custody rights and the division of your children's time in your home with you. Our experience in child custody has had us working in the practice area of Family Law for many years, helping parents just like you receive the ideal custody judgment available under the most current state legislation.

Appointing a Power of Attorney in Case of Future Incapacitation

Whether you are looking to the future or tying up loose ends for a planned leave of absence, authenticating a power of attorney document using a lawyer is important to smooth legal transactions being performed on your own behalf. Put our years of local experience drafting legal documentation to work for you, and enjoy the peace of mind planning supplies.

Let Us Be Your Guide to Adoption Law

Adoption laws vary greatly between authorities, with radically different rules, responsibilities and time demands. Welcoming a child into your family is a beautiful experience that shouldn't be hampered by complicated legal proceedings and undue stress. We help by answering questions, strategizing, and streamlining your plans to help meet your goals with confidence so that you can concentrate on the joys of family and parenthood.

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We know how uncomfortable it may be to involve an attorney in your family matters. Whether you are looking for an assertive divorce attorney who strives for your goals of a happier life or a child custody advocate to help your children, We are here to passionately serve you. If you are located in Detroit, Michigan, or anywhere in the surrounding areas of Wayne, Macomb, and Oakland counties, contact us today for a free consultation. Let us help you with expert advice and legal solutions!