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Moore-Wright Legal, PLLC attorneys are hand-selected innovators who bring a wide range of experience to our office, permitting us to provide dedicated service in many areas of the law. We bring our expertise to cases of Family Law and Criminal Law, and we are well-known for providing qualitative legal plans and advice in any circumstance. Our skills are unmatched in the industry when it comes to organizing and presenting complicated claims, negotiating with tenacity, and providing premium advice, resulting in a very long history of favorable results for our clients.

Legal proceedings are frequently related to a great deal of stress and anxiety. By working with us as soon as you can, we can relieve this stress for you. We concentrate on building a solid plan that offers you the confidence that you need to have a full night's rest. We do this by getting to know the unique details of your circumstance in fantastic detail, performing intensive due diligence, and by fully explaining the details of the laws governing your circumstance. When all your legal courses are laid out with clarity, it is much simpler for you to be assured of the difficult decisions you could be facing.

A Dedicated Attorney

The diversity of our practice and the quality of our reputation make us a reliable first choice if you're currently facing legal issues, or are wanting to avoid them through careful planning and compliance. You need an attorney who is ready to respond with your best interests in mind.

We understand the requirement of open communication throughout all lawful procedures, and we ensure that we are easily available to you so you can get the info and advice that you need when you need it.

If you're not certain of your next move or have very little confidence in your current representation, then you are not getting the quality of legal advice you are paying for. We can ensure you're fully confident in our abilities on your case and that all your questions are answered.

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Our Harper Woods, Michigan law offices are conveniently situated to serve all of your legal requirements. We welcome you to visit or call with questions at any time. Whether you're facing criminal charges and need a solid litigation plan, or you're an individual looking for advice particular to custody arrangements, we've got the answers which add value and reassurance to your experience. From complicated global business transactions and dispute settlement to land acquisitions, real estate logistics, and much more, we are your affordable, full-service law office.